About the Author

The reason I am finally entering the world of internet is to gather together a group interested in helping to create a curriculum geared towards learning positive self-esteem. No such curriculum presently exists, but it is important for children to have one available to them. The choice-making basis of the curriculum, which can apply to adults as well, also helps to define and explore the greatest challenge to the continued existence of the republic.

Hello. I prefer being called Sam – so please feel free to do so.

I’m a 1963 graduate of Temple University. In my lack of sophistication, I never thought about my grade point average, but simply followed my curiosity. Since it cost the same to take six courses as it did to take four, I always took six. In 1966, I graduated from Temple University Law School. I have practiced law, been a college assistant professor and an adjunct professor for graduate courses in micro- and macro- economics for a major university. I also have experience in sales and business management.

My purpose here is to develop a curriculum for children and adults to learn about positive self-esteem through a self-actualization choice-making process. I call this process walking out of the cave as a reference to Plato’s vision of humanity exiting the cave of ignorance. (You can read more about this by visiting Turning Stonechoice.org for curriculum).

The underlying concepts of the curriculum were developed over a number of years starting with the suicide in 1987 of a person who seemed strong and independent with an 18 month old daughter. Because of my own feelings of responsibility, I embarked on a course of detrimental activity that was diagnosed by mental health professionals as an effort to seek punishment. It is for this reason that I have characterized myself as the Redeemable Sinner in the writings submitted.

I hope you will help me further define and expand the curriculum and other applications for the underlying concepts in human interaction.


                        SAM, the Redeemable Sinner. (still a work in progress) 


P.S. – To read an introduction to Walking Out of the Caves, click here.