I’d like to introduce you to a positive self-esteem learning experience called the Self-Actualization Choice Making Process. It provides a learning curriculum for children and adults. No such curriculum presently exists in any school today or in years’ past. The choice making process is explored in detail at the blog The name of the blog is a reference to humanity coming out of the darkness into the sunlight of hope and unleashing excitement for the future.

This self-esteem learning approach offers previously unused explanations for difficult social issues such as prejudice, bullying and the adverse effect of limiting tribal expansion acceptance. It also offers an intellectual thought process for meeting the mundane and unique challenges we all face in our lives. Lessons include the adverse effect of anger, blaming and the feelings of inefficiency to choice making.

Self-responsibility, cooperative behaviors and a win-win approach to challenge resolution is a hallmark of the Self-Actualization Choice Making Process. The process lends itself to reaching for the highest potential of a positive human nature coming out from an individual’s positive self-feeling. The process also represents a congruency with major religious teachings and their emphasis on empathy, mercy and forgiveness.

We would appreciate your participation in suggesting improvements to our presentation and content. If you are so inclined, we encourage you to make others aware of what is being presented here. Future writings will incorporate applications of choices that represent control over a person’s own life to all types of social, economic and political interactions.